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Des Moines Physical Therapy Manual Therapy


We are committed to helping you overcome pain & injury so you can live your best, most active life!

Are you frustrated with:

Pain limiting your ability to be active, workout, or enjoy your favorite activities

Being told by medical providers to stop doing what you love

Not feeling or performing your best due to pain or recurring injuries

Seeing other medical providers and not getting lasting results

Thinking that you may have to give up running, lifting, or your favorite sport

Feeling like you are not being heard or understood by other medical providers

Enhance can help you decrease these frustrations. 

Provide Clarity

Through our Discovery Call & Evaluation process, we will make sure you will know exactly what is going on with your concern & what you can do to fix it! 

Quality Care & Results

We will listen to your concerns and provide you with an active approach to your recovery. Through our customized programs & 1-on-1 care, we get you actual results, not just a band-aid fix!

Get You Back to Living Your Best Life

With pain relieved, strength/mobility increased,  & improved movement patterns you will be able to workout, enjoy your activities, & live life to the fullest!

Des Moines Physical Therapy Stability Exercise


We know what it feels like to have pain or an injury keep you from doing the things you love. We also know how frustrating it can be when you are not sure who to turn to for help or you feel like you have not been given quality care or advice by other medical providers.

At Enhance, our approach to your recovery is all about YOU! We understand that every person, ache/pain, and injury is unique, so we must take a customized approach to your recovery in order to help you get the BEST results! This is why we feel Enhance Performance Therapy is the PREMIER Physical Therapy provider for active adults and athletes in the Des Moines metro. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest and we want to make sure you can do that while being the best, most active version of yourself!

In our mind, part of being a premier provider is also being an inclusive provider for people who are LGBTQ or BIPOC. Click here to learn more about this initiative. 


“After just 1 session, I was able to go on a short run and I didn't feel any pain in my calves. We were able to do 3 sessions prior to my marathon and I finished under my goal and didn't feel any pain at all!”

Renato F.

Runner, CrossFitter, & Soccer

If you are ready to overcome pain & feel your best

Des Moines Physical Therapy Client Session

Step 1:
Book a Discovery Call

This 15 minute call allows us to get to know each other better. It helps us learn more about your concerns and goals. It also allows you to learn about how we can help and to have any of your questions answered prior to scheduling an appointment. This helps ensure that we are the right fit for you!

Des Moines Physical Therapy Evaluation

Step 2:
Complete an Evaluation

The Evaluation is a 60 minute session for a comprehensive and in depth look to help you understand exactly what is going on with your specific concerns. We will get to the root cause of your problem and develop a customized recovery program to help you meet your goals!

Des Moines Physical Therapy Core Stability Exercise

Step 3:
Customized Recovery Program

Following the Evaluation, we will execute the customized recovery program designed to help you meet your goals! The number of treatment sessions and the structure of these sessions will be based off of the findings from the assessment and designed around your specific needs and goals.

Des Moines Physical Therapy, DONE DIFFERENTLY!

Des Moines Physical Therapy Mobility Exercise

We have helped hundreds of Des Moines residents overcome pain and injury to live their best, most active life! We not only care about your injury, but we care about you. We understand what it is like to have pain or an injury hold you back from enjoying the activities you love. With our simple process we will provide clarity, give you quality care with real results, and help you get back to living life to the fullest. 


Here is what to do: 

  1.  Book Your Free Discovery Call

  2. Complete an Evaluation

  3. Execute Your Customized Recovery Program

With our Des Moines Performance Physical Therapists, never have confusion about what you should or should not be doing. You will receive clear and simple steps on what to do to help you get the best results, along with a customized exercise program and goal setting. Have questions along the way? Your Performance Physical Therapist is here to help. Enjoy 24/7 access to your clinician if anything comes up.

Book your Discovery Call today, so you can stop having pain impact your life and happiness. Instead be reunited with the activity you love and gain the ability to feel and perform better than you ever have before. 

Des Moines Physical Therapy Intro Session


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