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At Enhance Performance Therapy, we help active adults in Des Moines overcome pain and injury to stay active, fit, and healthy!  We understand that you do not have time for aches and pains to get in the way of your busy work and family life or keep you from working out or enjoying your favorite activities.

Who Trusts Enhance for their Physical Therapy?

We use the Enhance Method to help you overcome pain and injury, achieve excellent results, and get back to enjoying the things you love with the people you love. The Enhance method is a 3 step process that helps us identify the root cause of your problem and guide you through the recovery process. 

What is The Enhance Method?


These 3 steps allow us to:

  1. Relieve your pain relatively fast, so you can continue to stay active while you are in the recovery process!

  2. While the pain may subside quickly, step 2 allows us to get to the bottom of your concerns, so that we can address the underlying cause of the problem. This allows you to make a full recovery, so the pain does not come back easily.

  3. We provide you with the necessary tools to keep this problem from happening again. Unfortunately, when you have an injury or aches/pain, you are prone to that problem happening again. That is why we make sure to equip you with everything you need to prevent future issues. 

At Enhance, we want to help you:

  • Save Time.  You do NOT need a referral from a physician or insurance authorization to come to our clinic. We understand that your life is busy and this will save you a lot of hassle. This also helps you get on the road to recovery faster because it does NOT delay your treatment.

  • Stay Active. We want to make sure that you can continue your workouts, play sports with your kids, enjoy the outdoors, or whatever it is that you enjoy. 

  • Avoid Unnecessary Medical Expenses. We will help you figure out the cause of your problem and set up a plan to improve your symptoms, often without the need for expensive imaging, such as an MRI, pills or injections, and even surgery.

  • Get the Most Out of Life. We want to help you live your best life by improving the aches and pains that are getting in the way of doing the things you love. 

If you want to learn more about how Enhance can help you, we encourage you to schedule a FREE Discovery Call. We call it a DISCOVERY Call because we get to "DISCOVER" more about your concerns and goals, while you also get to "DISCOVER" more about us to make sure we are the right fit for you!

Active Adults

We keep you participating in your favorite activities.

Weekend Warriors

We make sure that you can still go all out on the weekends.

Competitive Athletes

We understand your unique needs for training and competition.

Step 1

Find the source of your pain and relieve it

Step 2

Fix the root cause of the problem

Step 3
Teach you how to keep it from coming back

We look forward to working with you to help you achieve your goals and enjoy life to the fullest!!!