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Laura B .jpg

Laura B.

Who: Laura B.

What: Trimalleolar fracture with ankle dislocation

Why: "Following surgery, my orthopedic surgeon told me that I would be non-weight bearing for no less than 6 months, so I would need to repair my leg and learn how to use it again." 

Results: "Since Kassi had fun making me do 120 BOSU squats, my love for building my strength grew as quickly as my calf muscles did. Kassi helped me get my ankle flexible enough that I started doing barbell squats. Those barbell squats turned into USPA Powerlifting, and now after a lot of hard work, I hold 2 state records and a deeper appreciation for Kassi's work!"

Recommend: "I immediately felt at ease with Kassi, her bedside manner was excellent. She not only was helping my atrophied leg getting some muscle, she was teaching me how to take care of it. She was truly setting me up for success. I was very lucky to have Kassi and I wouldn't have been as successful without her."


Karen S. 

Who: Karen S.

What: Hip pain from a bike accident

Why: "I was having pain and difficulty walking, turning over in bed, and with simple day to day tasks. I also wanted to get back to riding because I had another ride coming up in about a month. " 

Results: "After working with Kassi for about 3 weeks after the crash, not only was I able to do my daily activities with much less pain and improved ease, I was able to get back on my bike for the first time and ride for 3 miles. I had a little difficulty with the dismount, but decided to reward myself with a treat (see picture). And I was able to go on my ride that was scheduled without difficulty!"

Who: Alyson F.

What: Shoulder pain

Why: "I am a CrossFitter and simple movements that I have done for years like push-ups, pull-ups, overhead squats, etc. were getting more painful for me to do. CrossFit is my therapy, what gets me through the day, and my only ME time." 


Alyson F.

Results: "Kassi, who is a fellow CrossFitter, understood my frustration and my desire to get back to these movements that were at one time basic for me. She had the hard task of helping me really understand that just pushing through the pain was not something I could continue to do. We also discussed how my desk job, where I carried my stress and how my body moves all play a part in mobility and pain. Kassi worked with me on movements that helped strengthen my small muscles, and knew what my body was capable of and pushed me to reach that. She watched me do lifts and movements and critiqued my form, gave me tips, tricks, and modifications to not aggravate my shoulder issue. Not only did this help strengthen my shoulder and the muscles around it, but it also meant the world to me mentally and emotionally."

Recommend: "I would hands down without hesitation recommend Kassi to anyone. She is not only passionate, knowledgable, able to get the work done, but on top of that all she takes the time to really get to know her clients. She TRULY cares about their health, their movement, and them as people. And I TRUST her with taking care of all of the parts of me!"


Renato F

Who: Renato F.

What: Calf tightness/pain with running

Why: "I was having pain in my calf with running following a half marathon and I had my first full marathon scheduled in 2 weeks."

Results: "After just 1 session, I was able to go on a short run and I didn't feel any pain in my calves. I ran a little lighter than normal, but still no pain or discomfort. We were able to do 3 sessions prior to my marathon and I finished under my goal and didn't feel any pain at all!"

Who: Sarah B.

What: Back pain with leg weakness

Why: "I was having back pain that was limiting my ability to be active and interfering with my daily life. I also began to have weakness in my leg that made me concerned about future function."

Results: "Kassi reminded me to keep my head up and that our bodies are amazing and that they want to heal. I am still healing and have some decreased sensation, occasional mild pain and mild weakness. But I continue to slowly add stabilization exercises and walking more. I am thankful and happy with my progress."


Sarah B.

Shannon S.jpeg

Shannon S.

Who: Shannon S.

What: Knee pain

Why: "I started to have knee pain that was preventing me from being able to run, which is my stress reliever."

Results: "My knee pain has significantly improved and I have gotten the green light to start running again. While it wasn't the prettiest, it felt amazing to run again. I can't believe I am saying this, but I actually really like running a couple of days and doing a workout the other days. Keeps my mind and muscles fresh!"

Recommend: "I am super grateful for Kassi, for her guidance and expertise in helping me recover and be better than before! She never fails!!!