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Kassi is my physical therapist now and forever! Great person, great knowledge, individualized care, and you do not leave her until you are doing more than you came in thinking you would be able to do. You will want to improve (and will work to) between session because Kassi knows you can, believes in you, and she expects you to. Highly Recommend Kassi.

- Tracy G.

Keeping optimal performance since I've started doing CrossFit has been a challenge. Last week I tweaked my back and announced it on social media for some help, Kassi reached out immediately and provided me with suggestions and videos from EPT's library. While working from home I immediately implemented the exercises and the improvement in my back was immediate. I can't wait to work further with a business that goes above and beyond for their community. 

- Annie W.

Laura B .jpg

In February 2015, I suffered a substantial injury from playing roller derby. I had a trimalleolar fracture and according to one ER nurse, "a gnarly dislocation." My orthopedic surgeon told me I would be nonweight bearing for no less than 6 months.

Kassi was my physical therapist, I started working with her to repair my leg in June that year. Immediately I felt at ease. Her professionalism and bedside manner was excellent. Not only was she getting my atrophied leg some muscle, but she was also teaching me how to take care of it. She was truly setting me up for success. I was very lucky to have Kassi.

Since Kassi had fun making me do 120 BOSU squats, my love for building my strength grew as quickly as my calf muscles did. Kassi helped me get my ankle flexible enough that I started doing barbell squats. Those barbell squats turned into USPA Powerlifting, and now after 4 years of hard work, I hold two state records and a deeper appreciation for Kassi's work. I wouldn't have been as successful without her. 

- Laura B


Kassi was an all around great physical therapist.  While I was working with her, not only was she very helpful, she was understanding and motivated me more than anyone else at the time of my injuries. She was the main reason why I recovered. 

She would take a lot of time one-on-one with me to make sure I was doing everything right, so I could get back to playing the sports that I loved to do.

She was able to adapt and help me in different areas that I didn't know how to work on my own. She also taught me a lot about injury prevention. 

Kassi is very personable and willing to help with everyone's recovery. She also is very knowledgable and was able to answer every question I would ask her. She is the best physical therapist that I have ever had. 

- Angel C.