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What is Online Physical Therapy?

  • Online Physical Therapy is a physical therapy session carried out over an online video conference platform.

  • You will work directly with a Physical Therapist, the same way you would during an in-person visit. You just meet over a secure and HIPAA compliant video conference instead of in a clinic.

Who is a candidate for Online Physical Therapy?

  • You are currently suffering with back pain, neck pain, knee pain, etc. and can't/don't want to go to the doctor or urgent care due to Covid-19.

  • You have started to experience back or neck pain from sitting more than usual due to quarantine or your at home work station does not have an ergonomic set-up.

  • Your workout routine has changed since the gyms are closed and you are noticing new aches and pains.

  • You are a busy professional and the most convenient location for treatment is your office.

  • You are a stay at home mom and your only time for self-care is when the kids are napping.

What would a session look like?

  • Just like an in-person Physical Therapy session, the therapist will begin by having a conversation with you to figure out: what is going on, what you are having trouble or are not able to do because of your problem, and what your goals are for physical therapy.

  • Next, the physical therapist might ask you to perform some movements or even push on where it hurts. This will allow the therapist to figure out where the problem is coming from and what they need to teach you in order to fix it.

  • Finally, the therapist will provide education about what is wrong and what the recommended recovery option is. Then the therapist will guide you through what you need to do to start fixing the problem, which could include some self massage techniques, exercises, or education on movement. 

Doesn't Physical Therapy need to be done in-person to be successful?

  • While there are many benefits to in-person, hands-on Physical Therapy, the REAL value of Physical Therapy is in the education we provide our clients.

  • What does this education include?

    • ​How to care for the problem and correct it so it doesn't come back
    • We teach you how to:
      • Work on the tight muscles and stiff joints​
      • Perform the correct progression of exercises at home​​

      • Modify activities or progress back into an activity

      • Perform movement patterns correctly

  • It is this valuable education that helps us deliver long-term results!​​

Don't I need to go to the doctor first?

  • NO, a physician referral is not required for physical therapy services​​

    • You also do NOT need prior insurance authorization

  • Physical therapist are taught how to diagnose muscle and joint problems and get to the root cause of your symptoms, so that we can give you the tools necessary to correct the problem and provide long-term results.​

Do I need any equipment?

  • All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or computer and an internet connection.

  • No additional equipment is required, not even exercise equipment

Why you should do Online Physical Therapy NOW?

  • Your life already has enough stress and uncertainty in it right now. You don't need your aches and pains adding to that stress and uncertainty. We can get to the bottom of your symptoms and give you back the energy you were losing dealing with the pain to allow you more energy and focus. 

  • When the world is back up and running, you don't need your pain holding you back from getting back into the gym or enjoying your favorite activities. 

  • The longer you wait to do something about your symptoms the longer it takes to recover.

Interested in taking an Online Physical Therapy Test Drive?

  • Schedule a FREE Discovery Session. In this Discovery Session, you will "DISCOVER" what’s going wrong to cause your pain (the diagnosis) and what needs to be done to fix it and by who. Plus, you get to "DISCOVER" all about us and our approach to physical therapy before you have to make any commitments. At the end of the completely FREE Discovery Session, should you ask to become our client (because you like the sound of what we can do for you), we will provide you with 2 recovery plan options and answer any questions you may have about cost or insurance.

I still want more information about Online Physical Therapy?